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Crime has been reduced 25% in Palm Beach County in the last 5 years


Why I am running

– I am committed to serving the residents of Palm Beach County and am running to ensure public safety continues to be the top priority. Consistent and professional leadership will be necessary in the coming years as many high level senior staff retire. I plan to continue on the path of providing stability and strong leadership in place on critical law enforcement issues facing Palm Beach County. As Sheriff, I am focused on completing many of the law enforcement programs and initiatives I started. I will continue to ensure that the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office remains one of the most efficient, professional and effective offices in the country.

-Ric Bradshaw

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Experience Matters

Our county has become a safer community to live in since I was elected in 2004.  Under my leadership, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office has been recognized as one of the most effective law enforcement agencies in the country. Crime is down 25% in the last five years, gang violence has decreased, and pill… Read more »

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Editorial: Ric Bradshaw’s ‘body of work’ justifies fourth term

By: Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board There is no doubt Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw will win a fourth term. He has raised $600,000. His four opponents have raised about $25,000 – combined. Bradshaw will get enough votes on Aug. 30 to avoid a general election runoff.   There also is no doubt Bradshaw should get… Read more »

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School is starting. Here are some back to school tips to keep you safe.

Make sure your child knows his or her o Phone number o Address o How to reach their parents at work o How to dial 9-1-1   Make sure you tell your child not to talk to and/or accept rides from strangers   School bus safety o Arrive at bus stop early o Board the… Read more »

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Keeping Palm Beach County Safe

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