• Community-Based Policing Strategies That Work

    Sheriff Bradshaw is highly trained in community-based policing and has implemented a series of strategies and tactics that work to involve the community in public safety decisions. Our Sheriff’s office works with the faith-based community, community organizations, youth programs and business groups to build trust and work together to address crime and keep people safe.

  • Homeland Security Experience to Keep Us Safe

    Sheriff Bradshaw is tasked with overseeing all Homeland Security for South Florida. This means Palm Beach County receives additional funding, training and information to keep our borders and our neighborhoods safe from terrorists, drug traffickers or others who want to harm U.S. Citizens. Sheriff Bradshaw is the only candidate with the training and experience to lead homeland security.

  • Leading the Nation in Police Reforms

    Across the country, police agencies are looking at reforms. In Palm Beach County, Sheriff Bradshaw implemented police reforms years ago because it’s the right thing to do. The Sheriff’s office is an Accredited Excelsior Agency, follows “best practices,” and implemented the #8CantWait policy changes, including de-escalation strategies and bans on choke-holds.

  • Fighting Back Against Gangs

    Crime is down in Palm Beach County, and that’s because the Sheriff’s office has gone after the gangs and violent criminals. Sheriff Bradshaw launched “Operation First 48,” a multi-agency task force that has successfully brought gang members and violent criminals to justice.


  • Specialized training in Homeland Security, Mental Health, Field Operations and Community-Based Policing

  • Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force, Chair

  • Florida Sheriffs Task Force for Region 7, Chair

  • FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force, Executive Board Member

  • Law Enforcement Planning Council of Palm Beach County, Member