Leading the Nation in Police Reforms

Police agencies are looking at how to reform their departments to serve their communities better across the country. Today, your Sheriff’s office serves nationally as a model agency for law enforcement because of the “best practices” Ric Bradshaw has implemented. As Sheriff, Ric Bradshaw took the lead on a series of reforms, tactical training changes, and new policies to serve our community better. Sheriff Bradshaw implemented needed reforms, including a ban on chokeholds and requiring all use of force to be reported. He also put in place new training that requires a “Tactical Pause” when interacting with suspects. It has dramatically improved safety and reduced shootings and is a tactic that is now in use nationwide. With the Sheriff’s office serving as the county’s largest provider of mental health services, Sheriff Bradshaw continues prioritizing mental health and expanded the use of mental health teams and experts during non-violent and mental illness calls. Now, when a mental health call comes in, medical professionals are on the scene to alleviate the situation without force. Today, the Sheriff’s office is the county’s largest provider of mental health services.