Top Law Enforcement Agency

08 July

Top Law Enforcement Agency


Most people have seen road patrol officers and motorcycle officers working, know of the 911 call center, and perhaps have come across detectives, but the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office does much more.

Sheriff Bradshaw heads the Southeast Florida Fusion Center, which is in charge of Homeland Security from Key West to Martin County. He works with all the local police departments as well as federal agencies such as the Secret Service and the FBI to gather intelligence and prevent terrorism.

The Sheriff also has specialized divisions that include helicopter and marine boat patrols and rescues, canine teams, a bomb squad, SWAT team, and crime laboratory. Sheriff Bradshaw’s investigators head up dedicated units that focus on financial crimes, including identity theft and crimes against the elderly; a Narcotics Division that works closely with federal agents; and teams that concentrate on crimes against children, sex crimes, and sexual predator tracking. Local police departments often call on the PBSO when they need specialized help they can’t provide themselves.